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Partnerships with a proven impact.

Brand Activation Maximizer, or BAM, is a battle-tested, one-of-a-kind software that pairs brands and events.

BAM - Brand Activation Maximizer

BAM makes it easy for brands to activate shopper-marketing programs and effectively reach consumers, while helping events acquire sponsorship dollars and broaden reach. BAM! Talk about a win-win.

Contact us or click around to learn how we’ve have successfully activated over $200 million in programs.

What can BAM do for you?

I'm a Brand

  • Find new activation opportunities
  • Maximize your marketing return on investment
  • Build brand affinity
  • Achieve real merchandising results

I'm an Event

  • Access millions in available sponsorship dollars
  • Connect with a variety of event-relevant brands and messages
  • Broaden the reach of your event
  • Make your event bigger and better

Join the 100+ Brands and Events using BAM.

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BAM by the numbers.

Some of the largest and most-well known brands are using BAM for a reason: it works.

BAM has successfully optimized more than $200 million in sponsorships featuring more than 80 clients, 300 events and 100+ retail partners.

Case Studies